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Dr. Zahan’s Acceptance Speech at P&I’s Influential Women in Institutional Investing Gala
“I have a strong sense [...] that the key to my carrier as a scientist, entrepreneur, and CIO has been the fact that I never perceived another person as being different from what I am. [...] It all boils down to personal choice, and we are not exempt from that personal choice, and that decision is about how we choose to perceive the other. That decision will determine what lesson our life teaches.” Read full transcript (1 min read)
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P&I names Aiperion's Dr. Zahan One of the Most Influential Women in Institutional Investing

We are immensely proud to announce that Dr. Sorina Zahan has received recognition as one of P&I’s inaugural group of Most Influential Women in Institutional Investing.

Her unwavering dedication, expertise, and relentless pursuit of changing the way investors think about risk, including a completely new framework for portfolio construction, have firmly established her as an integral pillar within the broader investment landscape.

We invite you to explore Sorina’s profile featured in P&I.

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WINNER: Consultant of the Year 2022

We are excited to announce that Aiperion, in recognition of the service of Dr. Zahan, won the CIO Consultant of the Year Award on December 7th, 2022, in New York. Aiperion was selected from among the finalists by a team of judges tasked with evaluating consultants driving innovation in institutional investing.

This might be the sign that things are changing in our industry. Asset owners are increasingly realizing that in modern-day investing, adopting new methods and perspectives is not a luxury anymore, it has become an imperative.

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Aiperion, pioneer in AI-based optimization, named as Consultant of the Year finalist by CIO magazine

Exciting news! Aiperion was named as Consultant of the Year finalist by CIO magazine.

Big thanks to our clients and partners, to Aiperion's founder, Dr. Sorina Zahan, whose decades of research serve as the basis for the Aiperion paradigm, and to Aiperion's amazing team for bringing this completely new way of thinking to the asset owner community.

Natural and artificial intelligence come together in building a better future for portfolio management!

R&D: Utility-based portfolio construction
Ditch Volatility

In this paper, Dr. Zahan shows how the traditional investment framework, based on variance and reward/risk metrics, induces allocators to make investment decisions that are in fact contrary to their organizations’ interests. This antagonism, which we call utility incompatibility, can be easily grasped from real-life examples.

In response, we propose a framework for portfolio optimization and investment selection which is utility-based. Among other features, making decisions based on utility criteria makes practical sense for stakeholders and can be easily fine-tuned by each organization.

R&D: Diversity modeling
Complex systems that lack diversity lose their adaptation capability

In a paper published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals Journal, Marcel and his wife, Ligia analyze the impact of diversity in social systems. They demonstrate how complex systems that lack diversity, relying on conformity and identity, lose their adaptation capability. However, without coherent goals, diversity can lead to chaos and contagion of dishonest behavior. Uniformity, as well as inconsistent diversity are seeds of self-destruction.

The Fifty Faces Podcast: Sorina Zahan - the challenges and brilliance of AI
In this podcast Sorina talks about AI, diversity, and living life as a continuous journey, rather than a series of destinations.
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AIPERION launches AI-powered investment risk management solution for institutional investors
April 13th, 2020. Chicago, IL – Today, Aiperion officially launched its RiskKey® software solution. With a powerful suite of tools that enable advanced portfolio management in an intuitive web-based environment, RiskKey® provides institutional investors with a dramatically different view of risk and reward in multi-asset portfolios.
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Team news
Feb 25, 2020. We are proud to announce that Michael Walsh, CFA has joined our team in Chicago. With an impressive track record as Executive Director and CIO, and a deep understanding of the institutional investment space, Mr. Walsh will work closely with peer CIOs and their teams to identify their needs and chart together the appropriate risk management paths forward for their multi asset class portfolios. Please join us in welcoming Mike.
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New AI-fueled portfolio risk management solutions available for investors
June 13, 2019. Core Capital and Fortech announce the launch of their global joint venture AIPERION – a consulting, technology and scientific research firm specialized in risk management solutions. The organization elevates a decades-long relationship, broadening combined service capabilities to give investors more visibility and control over their multi-asset portfolios.
R&D: Market risks
Market liquidity: a misunderstood and misregulated risk
Market liquidity is one of the most feared but also one of the most poorly understood risks. Sorina Zahan explains how the ubiquitous confusion between liquidity level and liquidity risk is costly for all.
R&D: Pensions
Hybrids win governance race: Wisconsin research findings
Hybrid pension schemes, combining both defined contribution and defined benefit characteristics, are best for governance because they align interest of both employees and sponsors…
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