Our work
We believe that the evolution from risk measurement to risk management does not mean more measurement, more data, more numbers, more charts, and more costs. Therefore, our goal is not to offer analytics, but a different way of thinking.
  • While the industry seems to believe that every problem could be solved if we could just get the next mountain of data, with the predictable result that solutions get even more trapped into that need, we create risk models and AI structures that work even with the sparse data of the most illiquid investments, data that is readily available (sometimes the only data available) and costs nothing to maintain.
  • While the industry invents more and more risk factors, we find that there are actually only a few that drive returns.
  • While the industry optimizes returns based on standard deviation, we find that it is not the optimal metric for the management of your portfolio.
  • While the industry throws mountains of financially engineered “diversifiers” on allocators’ desks, we find that often the diversification appears only as long as you “observe” it using traditional risk analytics. We fondly call this phenomenon “the diversification double slit experiment”.
We believe advanced knowledge should be available to everyone. We work with organizations of all sizes, from large public pensions, endowments and foundations to smaller allocators of various types. The only aspect that matters to us is your openness to explore and employ the best possible methods for the beneficiaries of your portfolio.
Our business model is to create and transfer knowledge.
R&D: Projects and Studies
We create solutions that you cannot find anywhere else
  • From focused 3-month projects to multi-year engagements with multiple stakeholders, projects and studies commissioned to Aiperion find answers to critical questions and develop solutions for a broad range of problems
Technology: RiskKey® and System Integration

RiskKey® is designed to deliver immediate impact on your organization. There is no need for high granularity data and it requires virtually no setup time or maintenance.

RiskKey® is a thinking and doing environment, not a typical reporting tool. It offers an enriching perspective that departs from traditional risk analytics, sometimes complementing the traditional approach and other times offering what we believe to be superior alternatives.

Where does RiskKey® fit in your technological ecosystem?
  • There is little to no overlap between RiskKey® and traditional risk analytics systems. Moreover, RiskKey® apps are based on Aiperion’s intellectual property and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • RiskKey® can easily “talk” with your other systems, internal or commercial. It is purposely designed so that those outputs that could be processed by a regular computer are available for export into other systems.
  • If there are missing parts in your technological ecosystem, we have the capability to build them so that all your systems work together seamlessly.
Consulting: Assistance and Knowledge Transfer
  • As your highly-specialized independent risk consultant, we work together in complete transparency within a virtual workspace dedicated to you. We will be by your side whenever and for as long as you need us to deliver immediate impact to your organization.
  • There are three main “know-how” areas that typically require a higher level of support:
    • MODELING: advanced risk modeling using Aiperion paradigm
    • NEW INVESTMENT PRACTICES: higher fidelity models enable new, advanced risk management practices
    • PROCESSES: new practices enable new investment processes. These may be as simple as identifying the most suitable risk measures or more complex, like designing a comprehensive optimal risk profile, taking into consideration your organization’s long term obligations and goals.
  • We always aim to help you develop in-house expertise to the greatest extent possible

No matter which service you choose, it will embed our scientific research, will leverage the mighty computational power of our technology and will be delivered with all the consultation you need to get maximum benefit from it.