Other Allocators
Both departing from and complementing traditional risk reporting, RiskKey® can greatly support the thought process and decision objectivity of:
  • CIO and investment officers
  • Risk teams
  • Analysts/manager research teams
  • Administration and finance staff

The R&D needs of other types of asset owners and allocators tend to cover anything related to risk, investments, or liabilities

Examples of commissioned projects and studies relevant to this space:
  • Modeling and pricing risk for illiquid (or extremely illiquid) holdings
  • Modeling and pricing a single feature in structured, complex deals
  • Modeling and pricing complex real options in assets and liabilities
  • Minimum EBITDA growth required to compensate USD investor for direct investments in certain countries
  • Price of FX risk in specific countries, including countries with no functional markets
  • Bank stress testing: non-performing loan nonlinear stress models
Examples of consulting services relevant to other asset owners and allocators
  • Nonlinear modeling of underlying managers or holdings/co-investments. This is particularly powerful in the case of illiquid, complex or opaque investments.
  • Nonlinear modeling of internally-managed portfolios
  • Various applications of modeling to investment vetting, portfolio construction and allocation (e.g. optimal sizing, integration of all investments/co-investments in a single model)
  • Risk-based evaluation of asset allocation/model portfolios
  • Objective basis for major portfolio decisions, such as leverage, or liquid vs. illiquid
  • Transition to risk-based portfolio implementation
  • New investment practices for portfolios and underlying investments
  • Training in multidimensional nonlinear modeling
  • Board and staff education
  • Optimization of the “liquid” (sub)portfolio serving a private equity (sub)portfolio
  • Optimal liquidity sourcing; quantitative support for entries and exits
What is the difference between Aiperion consultancy and R&D?
  • In consultancy, we are generally able to apply our already developed conceptual frameworks and solutions to solve clients’ problems
  • In R&D (projects and studies), we need to develop and apply new conceptual frameworks or solutions to solve clients’ problems
Is Aiperion willing to fund research projects?
  • Internal funding option: if you have a project which is impactful for your organization and beyond but are budget constrained, talk to us; we will consider it for internal funding
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