We are investors and technologists by profession, scientists and entrepreneurs at heart. Our purpose is to generate social value through scientific research and technology.

Through science and next-gen tech, we build foundations for more objective portfolio decisions, which in turn become foundations for better governance and improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Ultimately, Aiperion exists to change the way you think about risk...

… because risk measurement is not risk management. More numbers, more decimals and more metrics do not equal more knowledge. On the contrary, the more illusion of precision analytics give us, the less knowledge we truly have. Unfortunately, on the other hand, intuition on its own isn’t the most reliable portfolio management tool either.

In the Aiperion framework, there is no illusion of precision or certainty. Uncertainty rules. It is fully embraced, but in a specific way that always has to speak simultaneously to the two exceptional human qualities: reason and intuition.

This is why, although being the result of a new mathematical paradigm, when a model or output is correct, the experienced investor will instantly feel familiar with it.