Built around Aiperion’s proprietary multidimensional, nonlinear mathematical paradigm, RiskKey’s role is to make science simple.
As such, RiskKey® acts as the bridge between mathematical complexity and intuition. Any output, be it a full-blown nonlinear portfolio model or a liquidity provision signal, having any AI behind it or not, will speak to the practitioner intuition.

Besides breaking away from traditional portfolio management techniques, the integration of next-gen tech, such as neural networks and other AI methods, places RiskKey® at the forefront of innovation in fintech. Representing a much-needed technological breakthrough in an industry known for its growing dependence on big data, RiskKey® proprietary AI technologies allow for the development of robust risk models using only small amounts of data, which is the reality that confronts most, if not all, institutional investors.

Moreover, RiskKey® is specifically adapted to the specifics of human understanding. It makes extensive use of linguistic qualifiers and employs proprietary methods to generate comprehensible visual representation of models with more than three dimensions. Every output is designed to engage intuition and channel the value of expertise into the investment decision.

RiskKey® is built as a two-in-one platform: an environment for thinking and experimenting along new risk horizons, accompanied by “button ready" proprietary applications developed by Aiperion that you cannot find anywhere else. As such, it is equally a home for the investigative thinkers who want to test their own viewpoints, methods and models as it is a home for the busy analyst and decision maker.

makes the future
of asset management more exciting for everyone